You have now purchased your IPTV connection and you must be looking forward to set it up. There are numerous platforms available for you to set up the IPTV connection. We will share some of the most prominent platforms out of them, where you will be able to set up the connection. Once you do that, you will get the chance to enjoy more than 6,000 different live television channels. Along with that, you can also start enjoying over 60,000 different TV shows and movies as well.

Samsung Smart TV/ LG Smart TV and Amazon Fire Stick

You should get the controller app called as SmartIPTV to proceed with the IPTV setup process. In addition, you can get this app for a 7-day trial period.

  • You need to connect the Fire Stick to the Samsung or LG television.
  • Now you should open up the app store on your television and locate Smart IPTV app
  • Download the app
  • Notice the MAC address displayed on the screen
  • Visit
  • Go to the section called add an external playlist link
  • Pick various as the country dropdown menu
  • Click on the keep online checkbox
  • Click on top of add link button
  • Restart your TV
  • Press on the blue colored button on the remote controller to enjoy content.

Smart STB

  • Make sure that the Smart STB is available for device
  • Download and launch the Smart STB app
  • Click on the ok button with remote
  • Navigate to device info
  • Send us the MAC address that you see on the screen
  • We will send the URL that you want to use
  • Go to the portals and add the URL that we send you via the email
  • Once you are done with configurations, go back and allow it to load on the screen

MAC or PC with VLC software

  • Download VLC Media Player, install it and open it.
  • Enter the IPTV subscription link we sent
  • Click on the play button and wait until content loads

Apple devices

IPTV Player

  • Go to Apple app store
  • Locate Cloud Stream IPTV Player and download it
  • Navigate to the dashes icon that you see on top upper left
  • Click on the + sign
  • Press on m2u file
  • Press on load m3u file from internet
  • Enter the URL that we sent to you by email

iPlay TV

  • Visit the App store and locate iPlay TV application
  • Download and install the application
  • Insert the subscription URL we send to you via email
  • Now you can see channel playlist

GSE Smart IPTV pro

  • Visit App Store and locate GSE Smart IPTV Pro
  • Download and install application
  • Accept to EULA Rule
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Pick Remote Playlists
  • Tap on the + button
  • Enter the m3u URL that we send.

Android devices

IPTV app

  • Visit Google Play Store
  • Search IPTV
  • Download the very first app that you see on the screen
  • Launch the app
  • Click on Add Playlist button
  • Enter the URL that we send to you by email
  • Enter any desired name for playlist
  • Tap on OK and wait until channels load

Android TV

  • Run Perfect Player
  • Move to settings and navigate to General settings
  • Enter Playlist option
  • Select EPG and enter the EPG URL you have
  • Move back to settings and click on Playback
  • Adjust system volume
  • Go back to Settings page
  • Pick Show Channels Group
  • Restart player
  • View the channels indicated on the left
  • Move to the group named all channels and enjoy content


IPTV Smarters Channel

  • Pair the television with Roku
  • Move to Roku channel store
  • Search for IPTV Smarters Channel and download
  • Launch IPTV Smarters Channel
  • Enter the username and password provided
  • Add a user
  • Navigate to the TV channels section and enjoy content

M3U Playlist Player Channel

  • Pair television with Roku
  • Visit the Roku channels store
  • Locate M3U Playlist Player Channel and download
  • Open it
  • Enter the M3U link that we share with you via email
  • Wait for some time until it loads all the channel
  • Once the channels are loaded, restart the device
  • Click on the playlist you created
  • You can now enjoy content shared

KODI version 17 or above

  • Launch Kodi
  • Move to TV on left hand screen
  • Add on Browser
  • Click PVR IPTV Simple Client
  • Then configure
  • Click on General
  • Enter the subscription URL shared with you via email
  • Now you can see the URL and playlist
  • Define the local path if the M3U text is located on network or computer
  • Press M3U playlist URL
  • Find the location of the URL and click OK
  • Wait until the channels are loaded

Kodi version 16 or below

  • Launch Kodi
  • Move to System
  • Clock on TV
  • Enter General
  • Enable PVR client
  • Click on the app called PVR IPTV simple client and enable it
  • Configure it
  • Add the M3U playlist shared with you through email
  • Select OK
  • Restart your Kodi device

Once you re-launch Kodi, you will be able to see the apps on the screen

MAG 250/ MAG 254 and MAG 256

  1. Connect MAG to internet and TV
  2. Visit Settings and click on Servers and Portals under System Settings
  3. Select ValidIPTV as Portal 1
  4. Enter the URL that is shared with you under the desired section
  5. Keep the portal 2 empty
  6. Save the settings and restart the device
  7. Now you can see the list of channels

Dreambox, Vu+ and Enigma 2

  • Visit Enigma 2 and obtain the address
  • Download Putty from the PC
  • Open Putty
  • Enter the IP address you have and pick port as 23
  • Use root as the default password
  • Copy the URL
  • Enter it
  • Reboot the device

Dreamlink T1, T1+, T2 and T6

  • Obtain the MAC address of the device
  • Move to settings
  • Click on Edit
  • Enter a portal name
  • Add the URL provided to you as the portal URL
  • Save the settings
  • Now you can enjoy watching content


  • Open the internet browser
  • Enter the M3U URL shared with you
  • You will now be asked to save a file
  • Save it under any name
  • Copy the file to a USB flash drive
  • Go to Openbox menu and pick network local settings
  • Move to Network App
  • Locate ValidIPTV
  • Select USB Drive as the source
  • Now you can load the playlist from USB drive and enjoy content

Formuler AVOV Box

  • Get TV Online app from the market
  • Launch the app
  • Enter the server name and paste the URL that we shared with you via email
  • Enter your MAC address details to us and await for activation
  • Click on Connect and enjoy content

Follow these steps and you will be able to get the configuration done for the IPTV connection without facing any troubles. If you still have any questions or doubts about the IPTV on configuring the IPTV subscription, you can get in touch with us. We will provide the support and assistance that you need to overcome the troubles.

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