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    Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please make sure to read and understand our Terms and Conditions before placing the order and if you have any inquiries about them please contact us before placing the order. These Terms and Conditions are the agreement between us as a seller and you as a buyer.

ValidIPTV is an IPTV Reseller that provides and sells IPTV Subscriptions and IPTV Resellers packages (these are intangible items, these are not physical item) which allows you to watch Live TV Channels and Movies and TV Shows known as VOD.

Once you place an order with us this is considered as a confirmation from your side and agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Age Requirement

You must be at least 18 Years old to subscribe with you and get our services.

Number of allowed connections for each subscription

Only 1 Connection is allowed for each subscription, any attempt to use more than 1 connection on the same subscription will result in getting your subscription banned and all IPs used with no refund

Live TV Channels and VOD aspects

All channels and VOD provided by us are always subject to change, update, enhancement, removal at anytime without prior notice by the providers

ValidIPTV doesn’t have any control over any of the content provided or any of its related issues or changes

Due to the Nature of any streaming service in the world, it’s normal to find issues like buffering, freezing or not working content and this is not controlled by us. having a high speed internet connection doesn’t guarantee not encountering these issues.

Buffering and Freezing or not working content could be related to the bandwidth, dedicated servers streaming sources and internet speed, nevertheless, many other variables

ValidIPTV is only responsible for activating the IPTV subscriptions / IPTV resellers panels and sending evidence (screenshot) proving that the purchased service is activated for the agreed on period and matches the information provided to the buyer.

Usage limiations

ValidIPTV prohibits re-streaming of any kind, content transmitting or sharing the content provided in anyway.

Using VPN or Proxy allowance

It’s not allowed to use any VPN or Proxy in any kind, doing so results in service termination or failure to connect to our services, if your subscription for any reason worked using VPN or Proxy this doesn’t mean it’s allowed.

Restricted Countries

ValidIPTV services work anywhere in the world, Unless your ISP doesn’t allow it or server modifications by our providers which might happen anytime and without prior notice.

Internet and data usage cost

As a buyer, you are responsible for any costs or expenses related to your internet usage.

Accuracy of the information provided

The Buyer acknowledges that any information submitted by him is accurate, otherwise there might be failure in delivering the service to him.

The Buyer must be the owner or have the right to use the payment method used for paying for any service purchased from us.

Modifications to these Terms and Conditions

ValidIPTV Terms and Conditions are always subject to change, update or removal and we will ensure providing any update to our clients.

Modifications apply to our Privacy Policy as well, as a buyer you acknowledge being aware of the adjustments possibility.

Channels and VOD might be changed based on the updates or changes performed by our providers.

Delivery information

It takes up to 24 hours to activate the service purchased and sending the details to the buyer.

Service details will be sent to the buyer email which he left in the checkout page when he places the order.

Since what we offer is an intangible item and there is no physical item included, the proof of item providing will be the email sent from us to the buyer which includes his subscription details.

Device used

The Buyer MUST type in the order notes the device that he is going to use, if we have not received any device information before we provide the service we will send the default format which is m3u link and we will not be able to change it to any other format such as MAC and we will not issue any refund after that.


ValidIPTV prices for the IPTV Subscriptions or the IPTV Resellers Packages are always subject to change, update at anytime without prior notifications to the clients.

We might from time to another offer coupons or discounts, if you have already purchased from us, you can’t return your service or utilize our offers in anyway unless you purchase additional / new subscription.

Support Provided

Our support is limited to activating and sending the service and also help with the activation as long as the device used in our supported devices list mentioned in our IPTV Instructions page.

Downtime or suspension

ValidIPTV has the right to terminate or disable the service provided in case of any violation to the terms and conditions without prior notice to the buyer with no refund.

The buyer must confirm and agree that there will be undetermined downtime in case of servers maintenance or any update or server related issues, they will not be informed of these before they occur.

ValidIPTV made sure that the Terms and Communications are written in very simple and understandable English language and also potential buyers can contact us anytime in case of any inquiry regarding our services provided terms and conditions.

All Logos, Trademarks, content written, and any material used used at ValidIPTV is owned by us and can’t be copied, shared in anyway without obtaining our written approval.

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