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    What happened to Xtream Codes?

    December 13, 2019

December 13, 2019

What happened to Xtream Codes?

Numerous IPTV service providers are available out there for people to consider. These service providers used multiple platforms to offer content. Out of those platforms, Xtream Codes was one of the most prominent service providers. However, the service offered by Xtream Codes is no longer available. Due to the same reason, you will wonder what really happened to Xtream Codes. That’s where we thought of sharing this article on what really happened to Xtream Codes. Instead of relying on the rumors, you can go through this article and understand the truth about what happened to Xtream Codes.

What is Xtream Codes?

Xtream Codes was one of the most prominent IPTV panels available. It was in a position to provide all the support and assistance needed by the people who wanted to stream their IPTV content with ease. It had an excellent database as well. and it is different from other codes like TecoBuy Voucher Code. Therefore, people who worked on IPTV management with Xtream Codes never had to deal with any trouble.

What happened to Xtream Codes?

Even though Xtream Codes was a robust and popular platform, it is no longer available. In fact, Xtream Codes has gone through a sudden shutdown. Nobody is clear on what really happened to it because the service went down all of a sudden. Due to the same reason, people who have been offering IPTV reseller services based on Xtream Codes had to come across numerous struggles as well.

Xtream Codes went down due to some of the investigation activities that were conducted by the Italian Police. According to the rules that exist in Italy, it is illegal to offer IPTV services. As a result, the service provider was arrested. This is the main reason why Xtream Codes was forced to go for a sudden closure of the services, without any previous warning.

All this happened in a city in Italy called Italy. The founder of Xtream Codes has been offering these services from his own apartment based in Italy. It was raised by the Italian police and he was arrested.

During the investigation, the police were able to discover numerous Sky TV decoders, which the founder of Xtream Codes use to keep on streaming content across the internet. He was working as a promoter of the Xtream Codes service as well. In fact, he used his Facebook page to promote most of the services. Italian police noticed this Facebook page and understood that something illegal is taking place. Due to the same reason, they focused on going forward with a mission to arrest Xtream Codes.

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What really happened at the raid?

During the raid, police went right into the apartment of the creator behind Xtream Codes. Since he was running all the operations from the apartment, the police noticed all the equipment that he has been using for the raid and what techniques he has been following to stream media content as well. In fact, the police could get a clear understanding of the operations that are run behind the scene to manage an IPTV links service. This was able to quite restrict the IPTV services that are available for the people to consider as well.

When the police were going through all the facts, they were also able to get a better understanding of the other service providers who keep on offering the services. In fact, all the sensitive data were released. They include the usernames, IP addresses, payment information, and even the password. As of now, the Italian police have all these details. Therefore, people who have been selling IPTV services with Xtream Codes should be mindful of this. You will need to take appropriate measures as soon as possible before you come across any frustrating situations. Then you can avoid trouble.

What happens to Xtream Codes customers?

Most of the Xtream Codes customers were aware of the risk. As a result, they have been using appropriate measures to minimize the risk at all times. In other words, the customers were using VPN connections in order to log into their IPTV subscriptions and enjoy the content. Hence, the IP addresses of the customers are not in a position to provide correct information at all times.

However, the personal data of customers were somewhat accurate. That personal information is now available to the public. On the other hand, you cannot expect all people to use VPN connections as well. Hence, people who used their services without any IP subscriptions are at a risk as well.

We can expect to see how fines will be imposed on the people who have been using the services offered by Xtream Codes without any VPN connections. Moreover, if those people are traceable using their IP addresses, they will have to experience negative consequences as well.

What are the next steps?

Having said that, you might even have the slightest hope to see the return of Xtream Codes. We might be able to see Xtream Codes making a comeback. There are signs of hope available for it. For example, we can see that the Facebook profile of Xtream Codes is currently up and running. On the other hand, we are pretty sure that the team is working behind the scenes to get the IPTV resellers service up and running again. You just need to keep trust in their efforts and wait until the moment where the service will return. Then you will get the opportunity to start enjoying content again.

This time, the team behind Xtream Codes will take better measures to make sure that they are not vulnerable to outside while offering the services. Hence, we will not have to experience any abrupt shutdowns in the service offered by Xtream Codes in the near future.

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Now you are aware of what really happened to the Xtream Codes services. Keep this in your mind and wait until the Xtream Codes starts offering their services again. Never get yourself carried out by any of the rumors that are about it. Keep an eye on the rumors and make sure that you don’t get carried away.


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